Cours d’enfants


Due to lack of demand, these classes will not take place this year.

CODEBREAKERS! & CODEMAKERS! for Anglophone children

focus on Codebreakers – ages 7-8 (CE1 & CE2) – Break the reading code!

Learn to break the code of English speech to letter sounds and develop reading skills beyond the early basics through games and group work. Codebreakers also practise spelling and basic writing skills in order to develop all-round literacy skills for their age group.

Codemakers – ages 9-10 (CM1 & CM2) – Create your own code!

Developing writing skills is at the heart of this level. Codemakers continue to develop their improving reading skills having “cracked the code” and writing exciting new code.

: All participants must be fluent native speakers of English,or have native-like fluency, in order to join the groups.

*** The groups are run by UK Speech and Language Therapist and teacher, Helen McEwan, as an extension of “abc anglais” playgroups for Anglophones. ***

Registration – BABEL Open Day: Saturday, 10th September, 2 – 6 pm

Course details:

  • Small groups of 6 children.
  • Year long course on Wednesday afternoons during term-time.
  • 1 hour each course, 2 pm Codebreakers, and 3 pm Codemakers.
  • Groups take place at Babel.
  • Cost determined according to the number of children enrolled.

*** Please enquire for ‘Ready Readers’ for 6 year olds. ***

For further information, please contact:
*Helen McEwan – 06 06 96 06 11 –